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Rinaldi Flea Markets

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  • Space Rental — 20' x 20' for $20 per space — payable upon set up — cash or money order only
  • Arrival Time 6 AM to 8 AM for exhibitors
  • One vehicle per space
  • Bring your own tables and chairs
  • Food Truck Vendors - $50
  • No Pets
  • No loud radios or any media
  • Premises will be monitored for "knock-offs" violators will be prosecuted and no refunds will be given
  • All garbage must be removed by vendors
  • Dealers: No pre-packing before 3P.M.



The sale or free distribution of any of the following is PROHIBITED. Fireworks and other pyrotechnics; weapons including guns, chemicals, controlled substances and/or related paraphernalia; pornographic literature, photos, films, videos or other products; any counterfeit products or products bearing counterfeit, imitation or colorable trademarks or other false descriptions or designations of origin or any other items that are illegal to sell in New York State, and any items actions or activities that are deemed by the manager of the show to be either a threat to the safety of the patrons or offensive to the image of the Flea Market will not be allowed to be displayed or sold.

All vendors are responsible for their own garbage. At the close of each show, pick up and take home with you any trash that has accumulated on your site. Do not move your garbage to another vendors site or place it in or around walkway barrels. All sites will be patrolled and inspected at the end of each show, and violators will no longer be permitted to exhibit at Rinaldi Flea Markets shall at all times conduct themselves in an acceptable and orderly manner. Excess noise and/or foul language are grounds to be expelled from the current and all future shows.

Information on N.Y. State Tax may be obtained by writing to:
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Taxpayer Services Division State Campus
Albany, NY 12227

Rinaldi Flea Markets


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